Nomination Process for 2013 SOTY Award

The FSCNS is now accepting nominations for the 2013 FSCNS Scot of the Year. We strongly urge all Member Clans, Member Societies, and Individual Members of the Federation to propose a candidate (or candidates) from within their rolls. Since its inception in 2004, the Federation has received numerous nominations, all of whom were well qualified for this honour. Each and every nomination package receives much careful consideration, and the winner is determined by secret ballot of the Selection Committee.

The more detailed the nomination package is, the better prepared the Selection Committee will be to make an informed decision. There is no time limit on noteworthy achievements in the nomination package: all nominees will be considered for their overall contribution to Scottish culture. As well, the Committee welcomes re-submissions from nominees who were not selected previously.

Do you know a special individual who lives the values of the Scottish Community or someone whose hard work and dedication to promoting Nova Scotia Scottish heritage are without equal? If so, then make sure the rest of the province's Scottish Community is aware of their good works.

Nominations must be received no later than Saturday, 29 September 2012 in order to receive consideration.

Printed submissions should be mailed to:

2013 Scot of the Year
Federation of Scottish Clans in Nova Scotia
PO Box 811
Lower Sackville, NS
B4C 3V3

Please email e-copy submissions to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Scot of the Year award recipient is typically announced at the Federation's Annual General Meeting, the first Saturday in November.

Since the award's inception in 2004, a happy privilege of the Executive and the Directors of the Federation has been to select an individual who has distinguished himself/herself in the Scottish Cultural community of Nova Scotia.

As in previous years, the decision was difficult, owing to the excellent nomination packages presented by Clan Sutherland and by the Colchester Scottish Society. Based on the decision criteria, it was deemed that Mr. Tom Brown, former Co-Chair of the International Gathering of the Clans Committee and past-president of the Clan Lamont Society of Canada, was most deserving for his long-standing and tireless dedication to the cause of Scottish Heritage and Culture. Congratulations are hereby extended to Tom Brown for his unflappable dedication to preserving and promoting Scottish Culture and for supporting the wider Scottish Community of Nova Scotia. Tom was presented with a keeper trophy at the Clan Lamont Christmas Dinner in Lower Sackville, NS.

Annually, the ScOTY Award is selected by a special committee of the Federation. Nominations are submitted by the FSCNS membership at large (clans, societies, and individual members).